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Being a quiz game addict you can quench your thirst for captivating games with a brand new Logos Quiz Game specially designed for iPhones and iPads. The main principle of the game seems to be too easy to issue a challenge. You just need to guess famous logos and hit the right answers.

We are constantly surrounded by logos being at home, working, using different home appliances and office equipment. Logo is an item identifying a brand, a company, a business making it more recognizable in the society. Logo is usually a graphical symbol briefly and effectively performing the vision and main idea of the issue it symbolizes. However some logos are difficult to match with an issue, some perform a direct symbol or a part of the brand name. But in most cases there is no any logical links! Are you sure the challenge is easy? Then try your skills and check your logo attention.

logo quiz answers cheats solution logos quiz game
logo quiz answers
logos quiz answers
logos quiz answers

Logos Quiz Game introduces you into a real logo world stuffed with more than 500 different logos waiting your tries to guess a brand they perform. Each try has several hints you can use to come closer to the true answer and finally hit the logo and win the level. All the tries are limited in time. To get the highest score you should instantly type the answer without mistakes. The tries are challenged with a necessity to type every logo name to hit the answer. The more time you need to guess or type the answer correctly the fewer points you will get for this try. The amount of points will also get reduced if you provide a shortened but right name of the logo or will use hints to guess. In case there is no more tries you can ask your friends to help you. The game has social networks integrations and allows you to tweet your friends or ask your community on Facebook to help you. That is all you need to complete the mission and prove you are the best Logos Quiz Game expert. Logos Quiz Game provides you a possibility to create profiles to let other people enjoy their own guessing skills on the same device.
The provided version is an improved one. Recently it has got noticeable updates making the game extremely captivating. Once you start this app on your idevice as you will lose control being totally engaged in the process of logo guessing. A simple game gets even simpler.

Logos Quiz Game Answers – Logo Quiz Answers

logo quiz game answers
logo quiz game answers

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After the last updates Logos Quiz Game has got a better user interface, better graphics for retina displays and better sound settings (now you should not set the sound each time you start a new game set). The updates performs a bug fixed functions and better performance on iPad devices. However even a pro version after the latest update has not got a background music performing one of the technical drawbacks of the game.
Although the game is distributed for free and you can simply download it through iTunes from App Store the game is full of pay surprises. As an average popular app Logos Quiz Game is stuffed with advertising you can remove cashing 1.99$ into the game. To get some intriguing advantages you should also download cash in your game. There are stars to instant-resolve the stars and hints which are limited in the game. Pro version provides you 50 stars and 15 hints for a captivating start. After using them all you should presume upon you skills and luck only. Otherwise a small cash download will save the game and let you proceed further.

However if you still feel the rush to start immediately the game you just need to download it on your idevice with proper performance specifications. Logos Quiz Game needs iOS 4 or later. It is possible to launch the game on iPod Touch. If you face some difficulties you can mail the support indicating the problem.

Though being rather simple Logos Quiz Game gets high reviews. It is easy and simple and does not require preparation. You just touch the icon and the quiz starts. Easy to start though the game offers a challenge. You should accumulate and concentrate all the knowledge you have acquired for you’re the whole of your life as the app provides you tricky logos seeming so familiar to you but so difficult to guess and hit the right answer. It does not matter whether you will be tracking your progress or not, you can just enjoy your brilliant attention and knowledge of fashion, brands, equipment manufacturers and internet enterprises. Logos Quiz Game is a super time killer when you need to fill your waiting with some spicy entertainment. Logos Quiz Game performs a perfect iPad/iPhone game. Its special design makes Logos Quiz Game an extremely comfortable app to play. Despite all the drawbacks of the game, start and enjoy a new set of guess quiz and try your luck!